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time capsule 2012

year 2012

♡ make yourself a thread so your friends can leave you messages with their thoughts about you, their wishes for you for next year, etcetera.
♡ you can also leave yourself a message... anything that you can look back on next year and reminisce about.
♡ on january 8th, 2013, this post will be set to private and put away. in december of 2013, it will be re-opened and then you can look through your old comments from the year before and do with them what you will.
♡ previous years' capsules can be found here.


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Dear Vern,

Has it been a year already? Firstly, I hope you're safe, healthy and that 2013 has been good to you. Right now, I'm typing this in our ... I lost count, 5th(?) house. I hope when you are reading this, we are somewhere where we can safely call our own.

2012 was a very interesting year, to say the least. Well, I think you need to work a lot harder than this, okay? You were a wreck for some parts of the year (should I remind you?) and girl, I hope that 2013 would be a year where people would start worrying less about you, especially pa and ma.

Were you nice to most people this year (or at least try)? Because we all know how much of a bij you can be and that doesn't always leave a good impression on others so, hwaiting? :)

You're not the best at giving or listening to advice. But you must know that it isn't healthy to let little (insignificant) things get to you and effect you so much. There's so many things you can focus on that might bring positive change. Move on.

You can do so much better, here's to a higher GPA!! Please learn how to budget (spend less??), plan your time properly (or be a disgrace to your course) and lose some weight! ♥

2012 Vern.

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Dear Vern,

Omg my bench buddy!!! Haha it's been ages tbh. Good luck in everything you do. We should meet up one day!!


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Dear 2013 Hannah,

You will be turning 20. You will finally be an adult. So I hope you're making wise choices and just have fun with your life.

Well firstly, you will be graduating from ITE. I'm sure you will miss that place bcos there's just so much memories, and that is where you learnt a lot of new things, made some wonderful friends. And then secondly, God willing you will be in poly. A whole new environment, new friends, more obstacles. I hope you get into the course you're interested in.

Be more friendly when you're in poly!!! It's really going to be hard to get the desired GPA but work hard. I know what you're capable of, just don't give up!!!

Please be more outgoing. Please do not waste your time/weekends watching kdramas. Be less bitchy/sarcastic. Find a part-time job, you need it. Don't be lazy.

I know you're not good in keeping contact with people but try to meet up with your secondary school friends. I know you really want to meet them and talk to them, but deep inside you feel guilty and ashamed. Don't be. Be bold and do it. Do it before it's too late.

Smile and laugh more. Don't get too insecure. Be healthy, exercise to keep fit and feel good about yourself/body.

Be good to your parents. Improve your relationship with your mum. You know your mum is not the talkative type, just try to talk to her. Maybe about your day for a start and then slowly with other problems. Just try, Hannah.


Always be grateful and lastly, don't ever give up.

With love,
2012 Hannah

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Dear Hannah,

I miss you, bench buddy/partner (omg how long ago was that). All the best for the new year and stay healthy! I hope you're able to get into your desired course/school and love whatever you're doing. :)

We should see each other around more often, okay? Hwaiting!


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Dear Joie,

I'm bad with this. Always have been. Maybe now, reading this you still are too - but you know what, that's okay. That's you, and there's no problem in that.

I guess that's the first thing I want to say to you, one year later: I hope you're comfortable with who you are. Settle into your own skin. There're a lot of people to envy out there - physically, mentally, emotionally - but envy can only take you so far. Accept the person you are, because only then can you work towards the person you want to become. It's not easy, I know. But there's no need to be ashamed of who you are. Unless, of course, you've done something awful in the past year, like kick a puppy or sit on a kitten. But I trust that you've done no such thing (or at least I hope you haven't), and so: love yourself. Do things that express this love for your being, like reading poetry, or making yourself a cup of tea, or taking a quiet walk. Catch yourself every time you see yourself falling into one of those pits of distraction, like refreshing Facebook over and over, or desperately scrolling through Tumblr. That just makes you lonely. So don't do that to yourself. Do something else instead, like put on soft music and close your eyes. A song lasts between 3-5 minutes - you can spare yourself that much time to let yourself unwind.

Well, I'm being naggy. But that's another part of us, the longwindedness. I wonder if we'll ever grow out of it.

So I hope 2013 went well for you. Remember: there's always good shit and bad shit. What matters is that shit all turns to manure and makes flowers grow pretty. I'm bad with metaphors. Analogies? Either way, we are apparently not made to be English majors. I hope whoever you are now is someone you're happy to be. If you aren't - the bad news is that sucks, and the good news is that 2014 is on its way, and you can bury the fuck out of 2013. Hopefully you won't have to do that. Hopefully you got braver, hopefully your spine stayed straight and your chin stayed up. You've got to keep that going for all the years ahead of you, got it? You learn fast, it's just memory retention you've got a problem with. So commit that to your long-term storage and hang on tight.

Anyway. You're what, halfway through sophomore year and a whisper away from your 21st birthday. I have no idea where you're gonna be, but I hope it's a place that is goddamn kickass. Or at least with people you love. The second one's more important. And I know, the 21st birthday is the one with a shit load of pressure to be cool and memorable and whatever fuck-all, but seriously - what matters is that you're happy. Pamper yourself. Indulge. Travel if you want to, spend whatever money you want, just don't look back and lament that you spent it with people you didn't like in a place you didn't care for. Careful with that, okay? And by the way, holy fuck, you're going to be 21, which means you're practically an adult. But! Don't panic. It's not like adults know whatever the fuck they're doing anyway. So remember the important things - never compromise what's closest to you, stand up for what you believe in, love yourself, don't eat the yellow snow, be responsible. Don't regret things. I know, it's an easy thing to say. But if you say it often enough, who knows - one day it might stick.

That said, congratulations, you survived another year, but how many of your friendships survived alongside you? Yes, here comes the good old Don't You Dare Forget Your Friends speech. It's in every Time Capsule! And with good reason -- where the fuck would you be without them? Wallowing in misery no doubt. Go do something silly, like whatsapp someone or snapchat another or drop a text. Pick the people you love and love on them. They've loved on you, it's only fair. I sure as hell hope you hung on to at least some of the friendships from your freshman year. I know, 18yo Joie underestimated how hard it would be to make friends in a foreign country far from home. But you're 20 now, probably having realized how hard it is to keep those friendships. So I hope that you've worked on and will continue to work on them. These are people from the new phase of your life. It's time you make space in your heart for them too.

And you know, in every single Time Capsule I tell you to keep writing, and remind you that it's your one lifeline. You know what, fuck that. If you kept writing, that's awesome. If you didn't, that really sucks and I hope you found something else worth your while. But whatever it is, whatever you are creating now, I hope that all of it holds meaning. You're old enough to be discerning, so keep away from the half-arsed works. Everything you write (because I have a feeling and a hope that you'll keep it up even with the out I've given), make sure it means something, make sure it's quality. Don't settle for anything less. And go find someone to tear apart your poems. You've been babied long enough, it's okay to get torn apart every now and then.

Oh and: the boyfriend thing. Look, I have no idea what the hell is in store for your love life, but remember: IT'S A GOOD TIME BEING SINGLE. Okay who am I kidding, sometimes it sucks, we both know that. But that isn't the end of the world either. I hope you found someone, but if you didn't, I hope you stayed happy. Chin up, girlfriend. Don't lose hope! And don't forget about your friends when you finally do get attached. Don't be that excessively PDAy couple. It's annoying for your single friends. Be considerate, okay?

Well, I think it's time to wrap this up. It's the old drill - keep dreaming. Believe. Open your heart and your eyes. Don't be afraid to feel. Don't be afraid in general. Except of ghosts and killers, because those are scary. Read more, brush your teeth daily, hydrate yourself. Take a moment to find beauty. Strive always for goodness. Tolerate a few slip-ups, but never lose sight of who you are. Hate little, love a lot. Reach out. And most importantly, live.

I wish you all the best for the new year.

Much love,
Your past.


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Dear you of 2013,

How's life? Have you stuck to your resolutions this year (read: refer to Are you in JC now? Are you doing well?

There's a million questions I want to direct to you, but that's not possible because you come later. I wonder if you're happy and healthy, and what you've experienced this year. I hope that 2013 has been fulfilling for you, and that you're contented at wherever you are now. I hope we've studied hard this year.

The me now has many hopes and ambitions and dreams, and though my beliefs are often shaky, I hope that you remember what they are and you still have faith.

Hope you had a great time in 2013, me. Love.
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Re: Mon

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Self placeholder! Back in a bit.
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dear sunny,

i love you. i'm always thinking about you and worrying about you. i feel so lucky to have met someone i can talk about anything with—though we don't always agree. which is great! you've shown me different sides of everything we've talked about, you make me really have to think. we've had some rough patches, but i'll always see you as my incredibly caring, understanding, creative, intelligent, and hilarious best friend.

sorry for the adjective spam but it was the most concise way i could say it that isn't incoherent keysmash/emote spam. i hope you have the best new year and get everything you're working and wishing for.

with the most distinguished consideration,
with the sincerest esteem, and
with the most affectionate good wishes,

your proud,
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Hey. Hey you.

You. Are a wonderful, amazing, incredible, resilient person that I am so so so proud and glad I've had the privilege to meet this year. Like has thrown you curveballs and knuckleballs and just about every kind of ball it can throw, and I know that's been so incredibly hard for you. I don't know if it'll still be this hard a year from now when you read this again. I hope not, but...

But if there's anything I wish and hope for you, it's that you don't give up. Because you're everything I just said, and more. You are an inspiration and a joy to be with and you mean so much to so many people. I don't know what I'd do without you, you've become such a great part of my life. Even when I have to ask for a night off /)~(\ (You have no idea how bad I feel when I have to ask about that).

So just... thank you. Thank you for this year - 2012. Thank you for all the time we'll have together in this upcoming year. Thank you for putting up with me, my shyness and etc. For encouraging me. For being such an amazing person.

I love you so much (You know what I mean). Thank you for everything.


P.S. ... if we haven't gotten the first chapter of the AU posted by the time you read this again we really need to work on that.

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So you didn't pick up all the hobbies that you wanted to or give any time towards reading. So you didn't get as much writing done as you would like. So you're still surrounded by hateful people that mire you in their toxic words.

You know what, you're stronger than that, you need to remember it. You have people that care about you and will support you, even if they can't reach out and touch you, you have your own talents and ideas gradually sparking up, you have your health for now.

Hopefully by the time 2013 is over, you will have stopped fretting about where you're going in life just a little. You'll be 24, but don't worry about the age! You're more than that.

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Dear older me you better thank me for this I feel like I'm about to crash so hard and yet here I am writing some silly letter to you.

Nah I kid I love this kind of thing though this really is leaving it to the last minute and I really honestly do feel like crashing. Because wow exhaustion is suddenly a thing that happens.

All things change. I read my previous time capsule entry and I turned out so different than past me could even envision. So I'm not going to try predicting what will happen this year. Hopefully things will stay relatively the same. Maybe they'll be so different you don't even have the same close friends or games you're in or anything.

Just... don't fear change. Don't be afraid to let things go. Sometimes it's inevitable. It'll hurt, and that's okay, but don't let that hurt hold you back. You can get through anything. Hell, look how much of a turnaround you had this past academic semester - from feeling like a failure on academic probation to having a semester that raised your overal GPA and now nearly a semester ahead of schedule.

And you'll have taken some pretty damn big steps this year. Getting a job, trying to live on your own income. I really hope it's going okay. If it... goes not as well as you hoped... I know you tried. Really tried. I also know you'll feel like you could have tried harder. Stop that. You did your best if I know you, and thinking about could-have-beens won't change thins anyway.

Just... keep going. Go as far as you can. Even if you don't know when or where or how, just keep going. I know you'll get there.

You still need to work on that confidence though, kiddo. I don't care that you're 22 now you'll always be kiddo.

Good luck. Love yourself and everyone around you. <3

(Younger) Gorse

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dear future self,

find a better job.
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Future Char/Hanky/You,

Have you spent the past year becoming more fabulous? Hopefully so! I can only wish that you're reading this from the Philippines, as a student, and spending it with Mom. Hopefully Mom has also made up for the past twenty-one years and is taking great care of you for the next four.

I'm sitting here and writing this at Erika's house, back from another long shift of care-giving. Never forget these times, you know? Especially those two years where you were stuck here unsure and frustrated. I know you've come a long way from all this, working through the depression and drug abuse on your own and really turned things around.

I know the next four years as a student will be tough, but it'll be the long awaited happiness we've been waiting for? You've got a boy waiting for you to come back to the States, your sister Erika who's wishing you the best in life, a step-father to forget about, and years of suffering to finally push back behind you. Hopefully you'll start praying to Grandma every night, whilst continuing on the road to bettering yourself. Health-wise, fo sho.

Act on things that will always make you happy in the end. Look out for yourself, and know you've got support from everyone around you. ALSO I DAMN HOPE YOU'RE STILL A JOJO BECAUSE YOU CANT QUIT THIS THUG LYFESTYLE

❤❤❤❤❤❤ ILU HONEYBOOBOO ❤❤❤❤❤❤

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hello my faraway friend. it's kinda funny, i've stopped really paying attention to when i met people and now i just feel like i've known my friends forever. i think i like it better that way tho, cuz frankly i don't think my life would be very good without people like you in it, so it's better to think you've always been there than to think about all that time you weren't.

2012 was a rough year for everyone, but one thing i'm definitely grateful for is that we got to know each other better. ♥ here's to many more years of digimon, silly faces, and letters from across the oceans. i hope 2013 brings you all the smiles you've always brought me.

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Ana Ana Ana

Let me give you a hug. Because I never imagined (but am not unhappy about at all!) that we would become this close of friends. It's so much fun to talk to you, to listen to your theories and ideas. You are such an incredibly creative person, and I'm lucky that I've gotten to know you.

I hope things have worked out for you well by the time you see this again. I know they're getting better, and I hope they continue to do so, in whatever way they might. And I hope we can stay friends and all that.

Thank you so much for all the fun times, for listening to me when I need to rant or rage, and for coming up with fun theories and ideas and threads with me! Here's hoping we have a lot of time like that ahead of us - or rather that we'll have done a lot of it by the time you see this again.

Good luck and stay beautiful! (I was really tempted to say "Don't ever change" for quote lulz XP) But really, stay true to yourself, because yourself is a wonderful person who I'm very glad to have met.

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Hey there, future Atma.

You are very good at three things; fighting, cooking, and writing. They are your passions unrivaled and it really shows. Once you start doing any of them or practicing, you give it your all. You just need the push to do it; remember how much fun it is and what these mean to you and improve all of them this coming year.

Stick with swords and karate. Make your dojo proud. Your childhood self is proud of you for these and so are your friends. You're learning a trade very few would now and it'll carry you for your whole life. It matters not if this is an age of gunpowder and missiles, it means a lot to you and you should do it forever.

Cook more exotic dishes and cook more often in general. Continue to eat your vegetables. Cook for others and cook for you. Continue to best yourself and take care of others this way. Fuck the haters, calories are awesome.

Your writing is actually earning you money now. Stick with writing Siofra; she has the most potential of anything or anyone you've ever made. See about turning her into a book deal and I want to see your account filled with money she earned for you. You like being able to provide for yourself and others this way; remember what that money can do for you.

Continue to watch over yourself and everyone else, especially your girlfriend. You're getting slowly better about everything now that you finally know what you want. Sharpen that self-discipline and there is literally nothing you cannot do. I know you get distracted easily but you must remember how you feel when you accomplish anything and then reach for it.

And I hope you tried some new medium of creativity this year. Make a video game. Produce a bad dubstep album. Anything. Just keep all avenues open to yourself and try.

Be well to yourself, future Atma. Past and further future Atmas will be glad you did. And so will everyone else.

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I have enjoyed and still enjoy Edgeworth in Exsilium. I'm just getting to know you as a person and you seem very easy going and fun to talk to. I hope that we're still in Exsi when this opens up so I have more to tell you.

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hey you. it's been a rough year for both of us, and i know i haven't always been the most supportive friend, and for that i apologize. there were times i got so caught up in my own problems i forgot how much other people were hurting too, and i got angry and impatient and that was unfair. all the same, that doesn't change the fact that you're a very important person to me. as many times as we've butted heads, as often as we've bickered, as many things as we've disagreed on, one thing that hasn't changed is that i made you a promise, and i have every intention of keeping it. and a year from now, five years from now, ten years from now, as many years as we last, i hope we'll still be friends, and i hope you'll always know that i probably owe you more than i can really articulate properly.

i know i'm not the easiest person to get along with a lot of the time. thank you for persevering. i hope that 2013 is kinder to you than 2012 has been, and for what it's worth, i hope i can be a better friend to you than i have been. i hope i can be there for you when you need it, i hope i can help you when you're lost; i hope you can forgive my temper and remember that even when i'm being irrational it doesn't mean i want to push you away.

i want to be the kind of friend you can be proud to say you have, and i hope that maybe i'll manage this year.

so when you find this at the end of 2013... let me know how i did.

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Dear Future Self,

One year older and, hopefully, another year wiser. I don't know where you're sitting now. Maybe you've been accepted to one of those graduate programs we worked so hard on applications for. Hell, maybe you're currently freezing your ass off in a cold you've never known 36 hours by car from where you've spent most of your life. Or maybe you haven't been accepted anywhere. Maybe, instead, you've found some kind of job that puts grad school off for another year. But wherever you are, I hope you're happy.

2012 was a tough year for us. Our strength was tested through the endurance of devastating losses and situations in which the odds weren't exactly in our favor. Things weren't, as whole, terribly happy; in fact, on several occasions, you thought you were being sucked into a black hole. Somehow, though, you persisted. You kept going on pure promise of a better tomorrow.

Never lose sight of the things you've learned. That life doesn't always go as planned, that plans have to be changed, but changing your path slightly doesn't mean that you'll veer off course. That you know what's important to you, and what's fundamentally important to you is the only thing worth striving for. That the loss of your integrity and your happiness isn't worth a fatter paycheck.

That you don't have to be a piece in someone else's games.

Does this letter have to have a Hunger Games reference? Of course it does. You owe a lot to that series for keeping you sane during 2012.

I hope not only that you're still writing, but also that you're taking some risks with it. Maybe one of those days, you'll actually get that novel/screenplay/whatever finished. I hope you're still taking the time to give back, and that maybe you're on your way toward making a living out of equine therapy, of using horses to help people and doing the thing you love the most in the world. And I hope that, above all, your restless soul has started to find peace in a more concrete direction.

Give my best to the new cat (we have one now, right??), and I hope you enjoyed the fuck out of Catching Fire.


(No, seriously, I need this movie in my life right now and you've already had it. I can't help being jealous.)

- Me
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[personal profile] starshowers 2013-01-01 10:57 pm (UTC)(link)
So you haven't gotten rid of me yet. Looks like you're going to have to deal with me for another year.

And then another. And another. And a lot more after that.

At least, I certainly hope so.

No, but seriously, I have no idea how you put up with me, but I'm glad that you do. You've stuck with me for a long while now, through a lot of ups and downs on both of our ends, and I'm grateful for that. It's nice to always have someone around who's so easy to talk to, who's always friendly and ready to listen, and who doesn't mind talking for hours and hours about silly fandom things. I love every late night Skype conversation, and I'm sorry that I can't have more of them.

I hope that, by the time you ready this, things have only gotten better and better for you. I know that you're worried about a lot of things right now, but just keep pushing forward, okay? Sooner or later, you'll find the things you're looking for.

<33 Now smile and have an awesome new year, both now and next time you read this.
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O u. I have a fair bit to say to you, patootie~ c:

Kaz was pretty much the first OC I ever played with. From pretty much the word go, you've astounded me time and time again with how fleshed out both he and Minoa are; you and Pan have spent so much time and energy on everything, and given it so much love that really, the characters and locations, the themes to everything-- they've come to life. I know that me and Zan can both say very seriously that you really captured us with that.

For myself, it's also very easy to say that you are one of the most original, creative people I've ever known, and that I'm intensely grateful to not only have had the chance to know you, but also to know you well and count you as a really good friend.

Sometimes in friendships, you find yourself apart from people that you wish you weren't. You even get jealous when their attention is on someone else, or sad when you feel that for some reason, they're distracted or disinterested the next time you see them. I know that one of the biggest trials for me when it's come to you is trying to live up to the standard that you set unknowingly; you're vividly fun and larger than life, and a lot of the time I don't know how I can compare with that, or why you even bother with me.

But I do know that if there's one thing 2012 gave me that I'm grateful for, it's you as a friend. Whatever happens in the new year, thank you so much for being here as long as you have, and I hope that in the years to come you get all your hopes and dreams on a silver platter, ohohoho~

So much love, Daine

ps. Kaz is a dick
pps. Rockass has a serious case of dickbutt. 5ever.
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Rox, sweetheart. Sunshine of my life. Do you know how beautiful you are?

I'm not joking. There is something amazingly beautiful about who you are. No matter what, you are gorgeous. A gentle, warm and welcoming soul; there's no doubt in my mind as to why so many good people gravitate towards you-- it's because you always put out the best of yourself. Always.

You have been one of the most amazing friends I ever could have hoped for. RPing with you as a partner was amazing, but outside of that you've always been so much more. Still having you there is honestly one of the best outcomes of 2012. I can't even begin to say how much I appreciate you.

Thank you for shining in my direction. And stay beautiful, like you already are.


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meruberri: (Utena // Utena ; hehehe this is awkward)

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Hey self!

not a bad year huh? went back to school, finished that degree, you might be a little drunk right now writing this but we also got a job! it ended with the christmas season but yay money!

And now to apply to university, good luck in Portland! Oh, how I hope it's portland I ended up at...

maybe 2013 will be happy too!
dualstance: (pic#5176361)

[personal profile] dualstance 2013-01-01 06:40 am (UTC)(link)
hey you,

you know that no words really need to be said, because the words are always going to be the same no matter the time, day or year. they're always going to be the ones that you try so hard every day to live by, despite the hardships and smiles. and they'll probably never change. there's nothing wrong with that. they keep you on the same path, nudge you forward when you hesitate or come to a complete stop.

no regrets, okay.

right in this moment, things are different compared to the year before, gains and losses. here's to hoping that when you read this, the losses are minimized and gains are twice as many. you had plans and by this time, hopefully you can say you checked them off the list as accomplished.

take care and take on the new year with your eyes forward, like always.

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[personal profile] dualstance 2013-01-01 07:10 am (UTC)(link)

hey you.

but seriously, i can't really express how much of a pleasant surprise it was to get to meet and know you throughout the year. i remember the initial uneasiness and shyness in getting to know you since i didn't know anything about you beforehand other than the fact that you were the xion reserve at the one game i seem to have manage to stick with despite everything. but that first joke and odd humor just cracked and shattered the shields and it's been that way ever since. being able to be honest with no judgements, that's hard to find in a friend, especially when it's always mutual between us. but that's what makes us such close friends, right?

can't tell you how many times you (and pan) managed to make me smile and laugh on the days when i was at my worst. i don't even know when you became such a strong pillar for me but you are and that's what matters most, i think. you've become a very important person to me and even though i'm always someplace else, whether it be work or with friends, i know that you're gonna be there when i need to talk. i know that you're gonna be there to bonk me on the side of the head when i'm being stupid and irrational. and i appreciate every bit of it.

i hope that when you read this next year that we're still close friends, that we're still able to lean on each other when we need it. and that you don't change but if you do, only for the better and that it's for yourself. and that you're out of that grocery store and in a job that's much better for you.

take care and head into the new year with confidence that i know you have.


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