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I FINISHED SOLOMON'S RING YEAH ok well I finished one route... .............well, I got 2/3 endings for one route. I'm missing a CG, but I don't know if I hate myself enough to go back to get it. At least the game is fairly short? It is entertaining, so I might go back to it later, but now that I'm done with it, I can cross it off my new year's resolution backlog, at least. |D I did end up caving and playing a bit of Issho ni Gohan. I'm kind of wary about it because the filesize is rather small and the game doesn't open with the...well, the opening?? It just goes straight to the main menu. That's pretty weird. 0_o

Also, the whole game is in this sort of odd font... そ looks weird and it took me a bit to realize that that's what the kana actually was. e_e I couldn't get the script extracted, so I think Otomate has changed their CPK encryption or something... Keeping my fingers crossed that softgirllost will extract it, but I haven't seen many updates from her this month. ;A; I mean... I guess I shouldn't rely on scripts to get me through a game and it's true that they're not a necessity for me anymore, but the text in PSP games is so damn small. I got through Hana Awase okay, but that was a nice big computer game. ;A;;;;; At least the vocab in Issho ni Gohan isn't too hard to understand. I hope I'll be ok once I get to the parts where they really get into talking about food/cookingsldkfjsldjfsf.

Auro and I started finalizing the love interests for our otome game, Swan Grimoire, so I talked about it in the latest Cyanide Tea blog post. I'm actually really excited to start working on it... I have all these ideas in my head. *A* Weirdly enough, working on SG boosts my creativity for Break Chance Memento, too? I have some more scene ideas I want to explore this week and start taking steps to getting my writing productivity back on track. ...I just have too many projects and hobbies and interests and commitments. x_x There's not enough time in a day! I think I will even die full of regrets about all the things I didn't get to do... _(:3」∠)_ It's still been hard trying to get myself to actually sit down and write, though... I think I should experiment with writing in different rooms in the house or maybe going outside to write. There's still this huge feeling of fear and paralyzing perfectionism attached to my writing and I really hate that. :/

School's been going okay... I have my first test next Wednesday and I'm actually kind of worried because Research Design & Analysis has been a tougher class than I expected. It kind of challenges me to think and reason in a different way that I'm used to. For the group assignment we did yesterday, we had to read these different summaries of experiments/research and then come up with new hypotheses. I don't know how to really explain it in layman's terms, but basically we had to come up with new theories/ideas based on existing experimental results. For example, one of the sections was about how depression is related to cardiovascular patients having a higher mortality rate and lower quality of life. There were three different studies described and then we had to come up with two new hypotheses related to the research. Another section had us come up with a hypothesis (and design an experiment) for why males perform better than females in math during middle and high school even though there are no gender differences in math during elementary school. Like...... seriously??? I have no idea! In the end, I proposed the idea that maybe it's just because of unfair grading/bias due to societal expectations that boys excel in math/science, but I felt like that was seriously a stretch. e_e Coming up with the construct variables and stuff was pretty hardsdlkfksdljf I hope we go over the assignment tomorrow... Learning through experience/actually doing an assignment instead of just reading a book should work pretty well, though, once we've gone over it. While I wasn't totally in sync with my group, it was great being able to swap ideas/thoughts with them.

I'm doing okay in all of my other classes and keeping up pretty well so far, I think, but I think RD&A will be the difficult class this semester. I'm just glad that I'm now off probation and don't have to worry so much about my GPA ldskfjsdlkfj but obviously I'd like to do well and pull my grades up. My goal is to get up to above a 3.5 within the next two semesters so I can join the behavioral science honor society sdlkfjsldkjfdsf I just hope I can. ;_____;

Running has been going well! I've felt my endurance go up and data shows that my pace is getting faster, too. But the weather's been really rainy lately so I haven't been able to run on days I wanted to. x_x Still, I haven't taken more than two days off from running since I started, so I guess that's pretty good. I couldn't run today, so I'll have to squeeze it into my schedule somehow tomorrow. D:

Hope you guys are all doing well! ♥
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Good job on completing one game...! :3 sobs

Also that Research Design & Analysis assignment... I loved those kinds of analysis of coming up with new hypothesis generally haha I kind of miss these assignments when I was still back in school, if I missed anything of school at all! And yes male students perform better later in their life, and I've always wondered if it had anything to do with their puberty...? because theirs comes a bit more abruptly than females-- relatively speaking. There's usually a huge difference between their performance between elementary to middle school/high school, and I hardly doubt it has to do with teacher biases/unfair grading because 1) there's not much reason to be unfair to male students during primary school and 2) male students, due to their sudden motivation in doing things such as maths and sciences, might bother or pinpoint flaws in the teacher's teachings, which could in turn make them feel rather embarrassed.
(This is more or less based on my observations during my college time though) Hope this helps in finding more ideas/hypotheses?

And running is good... sobs I should do some exercise one of these days but I'm usually so unmotivated :S

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you're actually working out. and it's running! just wow, i'm so impressed. i'm really sad that the weather here is under 0 C, winter sucks, really i'm just waiting til it's get warmer so i can start working out, eh.