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time capsule 2012

year 2012

♡ make yourself a thread so your friends can leave you messages with their thoughts about you, their wishes for you for next year, etcetera.
♡ you can also leave yourself a message... anything that you can look back on next year and reminisce about.
♡ on january 8th, 2013, this post will be set to private and put away. in december of 2013, it will be re-opened and then you can look through your old comments from the year before and do with them what you will.
♡ previous years' capsules can be found here.


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[personal profile] shellblade 2012-12-09 06:17 am (UTC)(link)
Hey there Eugene, it's really nice to meet you in 2012 and I like talking to you a lot on twitter! You're so much fun and not to mention, you love a lot of interesting anime and video games! I hope that in 2013, things will be better for you. :)

- John
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oh okay, in 2013 you'll definitely becoming a 3rd class high school student. and will be sixteen years old. you're still young enough to enjoy this life with your rl friends but you should try to become more adult and don't count on your friends too much about hw and exams, you should do everything on yourself!!!! you need to study a lot to improve your grade. don't forget to save your monthly money properly bc you always buy unimportant stuff. anyway don't think too much about crush lol hahaha. buuuuuuut just enjoy this life and be a good guy bc yolo!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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[personal profile] britty 2012-12-09 06:22 am (UTC)(link)
hey eugene~ i'm really glad we met earlier this year! you're really sweet to me every time we talk on twitter and i rly liked that about you! i hope 2013 will be a kickass year for you and that we talk more throughout the year o/ hehe <3
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hii eugene~~
i'm glad we met and it was good talking to you on BBM when I had bbm huhu. :3 i hope 2012 was a good year for you!
hopefully when you read this again it will be 2013 and you will have had an amazing year, better than 2012 and all that good stuff.
stay sweet ♥

- abbyy
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[personal profile] rap 2012-12-10 10:44 am (UTC)(link)
aaaah hihi hi eugene :> i'm glad i met you because i love reading your tweets as they are so entertaining haha i hope that we'll talk more in 2013! i also hope that by the time you read this, yo'll be kicking some school ass and also keeping up with the animes and the video games :)
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[personal profile] chopper 2012-12-11 03:40 am (UTC)(link)
hey eugene!

we became friends this year but i feel like we haven't gotten a good enough chance to talk seriously yet. i really hope that changes for the better in 2013 and that we'll be able to scream at the same crap together (note: this is a good thing).

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[personal profile] hoppip 2012-12-13 07:47 am (UTC)(link)
hey eugene, i'm glad we met, i hope we become close friends next year and 2013 treats you well!!
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[personal profile] shiva 2012-12-24 05:54 am (UTC)(link)
hey eugene!

so you'll be a senior in 2013, huh? as your senpai, i should remind you that it'll be one of the toughest and hardest year in high school, so work hard and good luck!! balance between studying and social life, because both are important! having friends does help, especially in those stressful times. there will be a lot of pressure but i hope you'll be able to handle it and graduate proudly! don't forget to study but don't forget to stay healthy too! and good luck with your final and entrance exam! indonesia can be tough when it comes to exam so i hope it won't be harder when it's finally your turn! tl;dr good luck on your exams, it'll be tough OTL

we just met this year but thank you for friending me and i hope we'll be closer friends next year! i hope 2013 will be an awesome year for you~

much love,