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oh hello

( comment to be added. )

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Hello! I kind of stumbled on your journal while looking up Locke and uh, saw that you liked Killua... You seem pretty cool so I thought I'd leave a comment here and see if you wanted to be friends...? Wow this sounds so awkward. /hides
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♥ It's nice to meet you too! (ALSO I totally just're watching [community profile] kaiba! Wow, small world.)
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I'm sorry. Between loving HxH, your username, and the fact that you make pretty things (and have a couple of my pals in common) means I absolutely must read you. ; )
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LORE this is myde on a ummmm another dw account that I think I'm planning to use........... orz

I'll be adding you if you don't mind!
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Hey Lore! Not sure if you remember me but this is Kyo (though I go by my irl name John nowadays) under a new account in which I hope to use more. orz

Want to be friends again if you don't mind?
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Adding you back on here and on twitter! I'm @molestable by the way ;)