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m ([personal profile] gon) wrote in [personal profile] allegory 2013-01-30 09:40 am (UTC)

Good job on completing one game...! :3 sobs

Also that Research Design & Analysis assignment... I loved those kinds of analysis of coming up with new hypothesis generally haha I kind of miss these assignments when I was still back in school, if I missed anything of school at all! And yes male students perform better later in their life, and I've always wondered if it had anything to do with their puberty...? because theirs comes a bit more abruptly than females-- relatively speaking. There's usually a huge difference between their performance between elementary to middle school/high school, and I hardly doubt it has to do with teacher biases/unfair grading because 1) there's not much reason to be unfair to male students during primary school and 2) male students, due to their sudden motivation in doing things such as maths and sciences, might bother or pinpoint flaws in the teacher's teachings, which could in turn make them feel rather embarrassed.
(This is more or less based on my observations during my college time though) Hope this helps in finding more ideas/hypotheses?

And running is good... sobs I should do some exercise one of these days but I'm usually so unmotivated :S

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