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time capsule 2012

year 2012

♡ make yourself a thread so your friends can leave you messages with their thoughts about you, their wishes for you for next year, etcetera.
♡ you can also leave yourself a message... anything that you can look back on next year and reminisce about.
♡ on january 8th, 2013, this post will be set to private and put away. in december of 2013, it will be re-opened and then you can look through your old comments from the year before and do with them what you will.
♡ previous years' capsules can be found here.


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Hey Kyo!

I hope by 2013, life's a lot better for you. I also think you should've gotten that job in that adult bookstore, you probably have more qualifications and experience for it than most people ):

Good luck with everything, and I'm glad we've been talking more in 2012. I'm sorry that this is really short, I'm getting worse at writing this every year cries.

Also, if you want to IM me on MSN and whatnot, feel free okay? :D

Nomi ♥