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time capsule 2012

year 2012

♡ make yourself a thread so your friends can leave you messages with their thoughts about you, their wishes for you for next year, etcetera.
♡ you can also leave yourself a message... anything that you can look back on next year and reminisce about.
♡ on january 8th, 2013, this post will be set to private and put away. in december of 2013, it will be re-opened and then you can look through your old comments from the year before and do with them what you will.
♡ previous years' capsules can be found here.


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It's strange to think a year ago, I'd have considered us the closest of friends yet these days I watch you from afar with passing small talk here and there. Way back, I was upset as things changed between us and I really wondered why it did. But time has done its work and while we've drifted from each other, we've found others to keep us going. And that isn't necessarily wrong. It's just life. Just this constant web of interconnected lives, of meetings and partings.

But while I've moved forward and found new friends in the midst of that time we spent mid-year not really talking much, there has been no replacement for you. Because there is no replacement for anyone who I've crossed paths with who have taken the time to know me and speak with me like you have. We aren't as we were, but I've been fortunate to know that we haven't lost all the ground we shared together. We're talking again here and there. And for now, that's enough. I won't push any further than the threshold of your open thoughts on plurk and the occasional IM, but I will always leave my door open to you should you choose to use it.

Those that hold you close as you hold them as lucky to have you for a friend. You've got a good sense of humor, curious ideas, and more common sense than most if you know what I mean. I hope when you read this, we're still talking. But even if we aren't, know that for what its worth, our friendship was worth it. And I was honored for you to have once considered me a best friend.
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A Letter To My Future Self

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Well, I'm hoping you're reading this.

More importantly, I hope you're alive and well and haven't lost any friends along the way from here to there.

A little reminder: I'm sick now as I write this. Not dead and crippled sick, but sick enough that the next week is gonna be hell. That's another thing that's been interesting this year. About a couple weeks from now a year ago, Sheri will have pointed you to Epic Cosplay. And this has been an experience. Loved the job, hated the job, been okay with the job, wanted to quit the job and now we're back at the point where we're ready to give it some effort again. Hopefully we'll be able to keep running with this, get something productive out of it.

At the very least, we've seen a lot of our journal land friends this year.

Q and through her, Jess. They're nice. Actually, we saw Q a lot. SakuraCon, Otakon, AUSA... damn she saved our ass at AUSA. I will forever despise that ghetto hotel Tony booked us in. Next time, he can stay in that god-awful rat trap.

We saw Moebro and he was a classy bastard. We took his con virginity! HA!

Kayla, I'm hoping we stay in touch with her. Not to put extra burdens on us, but she is in a shaky situation and if she actually reaches back, I want us to help her.

We saw Amy... though she'll be Doku to me pretty much forever. I hope she's able to feel better. I can't imagine how unfun it must be to go to a con and not enjoy it. No, actually I can. Happened a couple expos when we used to bring our sewing machine.

Then on our old friends, we got to see Cobbi and Zero too. AniMegaCon was actually pretty fun with Zero. I wish we hadn't lost that photo from the Evil Dead musical.

Also made a ton of new friends. Mostly on failbook.

We're doing a lot now. Trying to take better care of ourselves. We've got our first actual gaming mouse -pretty cool there. And there's a lot of personal stuff we're trying to untangle and I hope that when you read this again next year, you've got some idea of what I've been doing wrong.

My words are so wonked up in all of this. Maybe it's bed time. We've got work in the morning -so does Callie.

I guess what I want to say most is to keep trying to be the kinda hero you want to be. Don't give up. It's okay to lay there for awhile, but it only ever ends when you decide to never move forward.

Don't forget that you're never alone. There's some good people out there that have been trying to drill that into my head. Maybe they'll succeed this year.
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It's been. An ungodly hour year this- past year, yep. We've been been in some not so fun things of responsible and unfun. Serious business that is seriously unappreciated sometimes because those sometimes are the sometimes that just suck the fuckin' life out of you and make you want to choke a bitch.


Through those hard times, we've had our good times, too. And I can easily say that I've spent many of those good times with you. You've kept me [in]sane, kicked me in the face when I've needed it, and otherwise dealt with me when I've had my lows and durped with me during our highs on life- preferably when it's three in the morning for me, I've noticed, you crazy bastard. Stop keeping me up so late (only don't).

While we've only known each other for about two and a half years by this mark, it seems longer. Though I hope by the time you read this again, it'll be three and a half. Getting to know you has been worth it, no matter the occasional trials we've had. We may not always see eye to eye, but I think if we really did, that would be kinda boring. Makes things more interesting.

I'm glad to have you as my partner in crime. I really hope you know that. And that while I might seem callous, might tsun the absolute shit out of you, that I do it because I trust you know the truth behind the words I give to you. It's been a long haul, this year. And I know I couldn't have gone through it without you. Or at least I know I wouldn't have been in as good of shape.

I know this year's been rough for you. Hell, that's probably an understatement. There's not really much I know I can do to help you most of the time, action-wise. But I can be there. And I hope you've known and you still know by the time you read this again that I'm just a text/phone call/IM/whatever away. Yeah, I know that I've said that sometimes you don't tell people things because you're best friends. But if you really need an ear, you know mine's available.

Also, I'm glad things worked out at Epic. And I know this may sound conceited, but fuck it- it might just be because I might finally get a chance to meet you. We'll see what happens, but perhaps we will.

There's a phrase a friend of mine used to say. That friends come and go, but the ones that stick around are more precious than gold. And I think that's suiting here.

Thanks for sticking around, jerkface.

P.S. I'm glad we're threading in a game again, too.
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Hey there, future me!

I'm not going to bum you out with more expectations on where I want you to be by the time I read this again. Though I do hope we've managed to, if not lose weight, maintain it. If your gut hangs so big it almost eclipses the fact that we have tits, I judge you. SO HARD.

Anyway, I hope this new year would be a good one. We accomplished so many things the last one, even if it was less earth shattering than expected. We graduated! We got a job! We met more strange people!

Don't be afraid to be closer with people. Are we still afraid of getting ridiculously close to people? There are some horrible bastards out there, but there are good ones too. I hope you met some good ones, future self. Trolling the fuck out of them is an optional approach.

Happy New Year's from the past to the me in the future!

- Grey
Edited (PS. If you're well enough to read this message, it's good enough for me.) 2013-01-01 08:21 (UTC)

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Eeeeh too lazy to sign out! But I really love my papa. <3
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Sup Moebro?

Hopefully we're still talking when this gets set to view able again. Honestly, I can't think of any reason why we wouldn't unless one or both of us is eaten by RL. Damn, I still can't believe you're double-majoring. That just blows my mind. I mean, that is a shit ton of work to be done there and even more amazing is that you're doing it. That is really awesome.

Also crossing my fingers that between now and then we find a game to thread together in. Roxas and Emil would still make awesome bros. I gotta get you caught up on EG at some point. You're the only other person I know that likes the series.

Almost certain though, we've crossed paths again. I'm glad I was able to show you to your first anime con and even more glad you enjoyed it. Here's to crossing fingers that we'll be able to get you to another one or two this year!

All that aside, thanks. You've been a good friend this whole time and if you ever need anything; I've got your back.
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How in the fuck are we still talking? Probably because we both have a hideous sense of humor. And I am completely cool with that! In all seriousness though, it's kinda strange how we ended up the friends we've become. We honestly weren't that close in Ruby City. Hell, we hardly played together! We'd plan, then you'd end up busy or I would and everything would failboat. Wash, rinse, and repeat that about fifty million times. Cue one year later. Hell, over a year since I left that place, and here we are, talking more than we ever did when we were there together!

A lot of things have happened since then. You're often times still busy being eaten by your studies. And yet we still find time here and there to hurp some serious durp when we get the chance. I'm glad that we're able to, too. I did not expect at all for us to become the friends we have, so it's been a pleasant surprise. FFFFFF ESPECIALLY SINCE WE CAN GEEK ABOUT 90'S SONGS TOGETHER. THOUGH THAT'S NOT THE ONLY THING.


I hope when you read this, your work has really done you good and you're relaxing after a successful haul over exams and we're just shooting the shit as we like with random, obnoxious conversations. /o/ You know how to get a hold of me, dude. KICK ASS AND TAKE NAMES.

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Hello, future!me.

Remember 2012? Well, it just wrapped up here where I'm from (time-wise) and 2013 has only started. 2012 must seem like a world away now, huh? That was when we decided that we would take the plunge and pursue law all the way, no matter what. We attended a Christmas party with our blockmates, too, didn't we? We even had our first cosplay photo shoot - after a Criminal Procedure exam and with about 3-4 hours of sleep, no less!

But enough about 2012. Let's talk about you. We rang in this new year screaming, "BRING IT" in all caps. I hope you really brought it, because you're getting closer to our dream of becoming a lawyer. You're a third year law student now. How are you hanging on so far? Are you still in the same RP games, or did you branch off and try new ones? If you did, don't forget time management. I know it's really hard to resist apping to new games, but we really just don't have the time. Still, I know you're really stubborn and you'd find some way to work it out. If you did, then that's awesome.

How are your cosplay plans? Only one of mine materialized and it was not a plan per se, but more of a revamp. Have you cosplayed someone else yet? Someone new? Were you able to save up? Did you have to call in parental intervention? It's okay, really. Our parents are supportive and I'm thankful for that. I'm positive they'll stay the same.

Are you holding your head up high and loving yourself? Don't forget to love who you are and take pride in what you do. In the end, that's all that matters. Our confidence gets shot every so often, but we shouldn't let it keep us down. You're one of a kind, and no one can be you the way you are, so flaunt it. If you got it, flaunt it. know, not too much. Know what you've achieved and how far you've come.

Don't forget to have fun. Don't turn into a stuffy spoilsport. Please. Don't take everything too seriously. Remember what you were told during the 2013 family reunion? Enjoy life. Enjoy what you do.

And don't think you can't have too many sweets. Well, there is such a thing, technically, but you get the idea.


P.S. I hope someday we get to actually meet when they finally invent time travel or astral projection or whatever.

P.P.S. You have to let me know how the cosplay group debut went. But even though it's still two months away on my end, I know it'll be a smashing, desk-slamming success.
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Hey future!Mart,

Hopefully 2013 was as great as you expected and planned for it to be. When we last left off, you were almost done with school. Let's hope by the time you read this, you've actually finished already. Tell me if you do decide to march down the aisle. And I really hope you didn't forget to thank Sir Borgz for all his help throughout your last terms. He really made a huge impact on you and you shouldn't forget that.

How's the writing going by the way? Gotten better at it? It was one of your goals even before the year rolled around. Maybe you've even written a novel of sorts by now. It'd be nice to hear that you've tossed most of your procrastination out the window. We don't have time for too much that anymore. Well, we do have some extra time but maybe you've finally been able to discipline yourself enough to handle your time better. If you haven't, it'll be good for the both of us. Trust me.

On the topic of writing, how's RP going for you? I'm really hoping you had less hurdles throughout the year compared to last. You're a decent roleplayer, man. Don't let anyone, even yourself, tell you otherwise. You just gotta be sure not to drop the ball anymore. Or at least not as much. It's a shame to let all those amazing threads go to waste. You'll want to go back to them too someday, I'm sure. Any new ships? New development? Anything? Don't leave anything out!

Let's talk games now. Did you get those platinums you planned out? How was Last of Us by the way? No way Naughty Dog let us down right? Ah! I hope Steam didn't suck you dry of funds too! You know how those bastards somehow get something out of you every year. Please tell me you've gotten the first Borderlands by now. You need to play that with the guys as soon as you're done with BL2 after all.

Are you still thinking this or have you actually bought it now? You better have it. Otherwise you'd be trumped by that idiot who thinks they can get a 30k TV without working in three months time.

Okay, this is going to get a little sappy so brace yourself. They're just some words of wisdom you always tell yourself. I'm just repeating them so don't look at me like that. Always know who your true friends are and never abandon them, whatever trials may come your way. They're the ones who'll always stick their necks out for you without asking for anything in return and those guys are irreplaceable, so treat them right. Always treat everyone with the respect they deserve. God never gives us obstacles that we can't handle. Don't let what other people think affect you. As long as you like who you are, nothing else matters. And never ever forget to have fun.

Make sure to hug mom and pop after you read this, too. They've been through thick and thin with you and never left your side. You need to remind them that you're thankful for having such wonderful parents and that you love them very much. And Nat too, because she's always been there to joke around with you. At least you'll never be lonely with a sister like her around, right. Hug her, she'll hate it but it'll be the best thing ever.

Oh, and punch Jeremy for me.

Hope your year was fantastic. No regrets, aight?

Over and out,
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bicarbonate: roses-dream (pic#1016938)

a letter from the past;

[personal profile] bicarbonate 2013-01-01 07:27 pm (UTC)(link)

So, if you're reading this, this likely means a few things.
1) You haven't given up this part of your life. This could be good or bad depending on your mental state. Let's hope it's a good thing.
2) You remembered that this existed. This is good. Your memory's improving.

Unless some unforeseeable circumstance has occurred, you're still in university. Good. Very good. (Unless you aren't. That's still good, too--as long as you're taking care of that circumstance with intentions of going back to school.) If you're still in school, you better have a 3.75 GPA or higher. 3.75 is what I have right now--future me, I know you can do better. This upcoming academics term might be a little harder than you'd expected, but you can do it!

That said, if you don't have a job, don't fret. Please don't fret. It's okay. You've likely got your internship out of the way already, or are working on it. This is also good. With more experience, you'll get something in the field. It's fine.

As for relationships... well, a lot of things can happen in a year. I think I'll understand if you stop being friends with someone, or if someone stops being friends with you. That seems to be more common as of late, doesn't it? It's okay, though. If you're happy without someone--and someone's happy without you--we both know what you're going to choose. Life's too short to stay angry.

All I can ask is that if things change between friends, that I hope it's for the better.

There's a certain someone special in my heart right now. I hope you have the privilege to still call her 'my love' in the future.

As for family--well, I don't see the two evil stepsisters waking up from their silver spoon-enhanced dreams, and I don't see stepbrother getting any less of a complete tool. I hope that maybe this changes, or that maybe I change to start being able to withstand it better.

Yours Truly,
Past Me

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pani pan,

whenever i think about it, it kind of surprises me still how well we managed to hit it off and become as close of friends as we have. and i can't be any more thankful to the fact that you're always there, ready to make me smile whenever i'm down and out of it. even despite all the times when you have your own things to deal with, you somehow manage to spare a moment to send me something that never fails to make me laugh. really, words cannot describe how much i appreciate having someone like you to lean on whenever i need it. and i hope that when you read this, i'll have done the same for you as you always manage to do for me.

you're an awesome friend and an even more beautiful person who has a heart of gold and nothing but the best intentions for those close to you.

right in this moment, i know we haven't spoken to each other much, but every time that we do, it just feels like it was only yesterday that we did. and that's a comforting feeling for me that the long days in between don't really matter or doesn't make the gap wide. you're one of my strongest pillars and i hope that hasn't changed in the year that's between now and when you read this.

take care and don't ever change, okay.


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Ashi (tehashface | [personal profile] strengthtohelp | [personal profile] upjacobsladder | [personal profile] loveshead),

So. Gone about a year without being in a game. Funny that. Dunno, maybe despite your attempts to look for one, it's still not something you need, can handle, or focus too much on. It's all good. There's life outside of RP, yanoo. (WHAT NO!) Just take the time away from pretending to be fictional characters for extended stints to focus on whatever other stuff you actually need to. No harm in that. There're always doofy little memes to jump into when you need that bit of escapist funtime.

RL is... some kind of beast, no? Good things've happened last year, though! Just, things are things. We take them as they come, deal, and hopefully come out of them with little epiphanies and as better, wiser versions of ourselves. Or something. Yeah. All part of growing up, like Dad always says. Remember and cherish what and especially who's important. They're what pull you through when you need it.

So. Last year's resolution to get published was a total bust. Can't say I'm surprised, knowing me. Try not to get too hard on yourself. Always easier said than done when you're as thin-skinned as you are, but failure's just another chance to try again. Even if at the time it just feels like it's evidence of your sucktitude. Keep at it. Write, edit, submit, rinse, repeat. It'll happen one day. Hopefully this year. But you don't get anything if you don't work for it.

Teal deer: Stop being a lazy bum. That goes for everything in general.

Think we've said our peace. Let's end this before it gets even more sappy with all the more ~*~feels~*~. To 2013, whatever it brings to the metaphorical table.

Some end salutation or whatevs,

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dear 2013!patty,

I hope this year brings you happiness in all aspects of your life.

That your family life and relationships with your parents and siblings be filled with health and happiness. That your love/hate relationship with relatives be more on the love side.

That your work life be fulfilling and challenging minus the stress and politics and drama and anxiety. That this integration be smooth and for the success of the company and all those who work for it.

That your laziness to meet up with friends wane a bit that you can stay in touch with them more than once a year. That your connections be strengthened and your bonds reinforced.

That your #kaladkalandian2013 lead to new friends. That you not be too nervous and cautious to open yourself to people outside your social mileau or those not within your comfort zone.

That there be some travel and fun and some new gadgets. That your bank account be resuscitated with funds. That your budgeting for a rainy day actually work and your kikki.k diary actually be filled.

That you enjoy 2013 sans regrets and what ifs and live every day in the present. don't be too hard on yourself. it's only life.

xo, 2012!patty
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[personal profile] hanabira

Dear Eemir 2013,

How are you? I hope everything is fine. You're 25 this year. Old enough? Nope, you're still young! I hope you're healthy as always. Last year, you keep on talking bout boyfriend/partner for life. However I believe, you do understand now that it's not important at all aren't you?. Be strong, keep up the passion and live a happy life. I hope you managed to visit Japan this year? Please don't say NO, I'd be really disappointed! But never mind if you didn't have chance to go though...Be happy,Eemir! Happiness is everything..

Ganbatte and Happy New Year! :D

Eemir (2012)
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Haihai Kamitan~
I just really wanted to write something here so imma just do it ok ok.

We haven't known each other for very long but don't worry we have a lifetime together so it's ok.
I think the way we met was...Hikaru/Toilet fic? Huu that's a weird way to meet, I'm not too proud of hearing people asking "there used to be an angst hikaru/toilet fic here do you guys know where it is?" but I'll ignore how stupid it was and look on the positive side. xD

You're really funny and beautiful and flowery even though you're not mean ok and tbh you make me laugh out loud with a lot of your tweets (did you notice how i didn't put lol hehe).

I'm also really happy that you want to get into more music bc omg I need more people to listen to what I do even though I still didn't do that list yet because I got invited to 'socialize' and I hope that we can flail over many more things that aren't related to JUMP bwahaha. But I will always be part of JUMP fandom because that stupid kid who isn't blonde anymore.

Anywhoooo, I hope that when you read this we're closer and awesomer and more flowery together. :D

//le end

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