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time capsule 2012

year 2012

♡ make yourself a thread so your friends can leave you messages with their thoughts about you, their wishes for you for next year, etcetera.
♡ you can also leave yourself a message... anything that you can look back on next year and reminisce about.
♡ on january 8th, 2013, this post will be set to private and put away. in december of 2013, it will be re-opened and then you can look through your old comments from the year before and do with them what you will.
♡ previous years' capsules can be found here.


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Using this journal because my personal one is empty.

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Hi future V-chan! Right now you are still growing and growing, and it's fun to watch you~! How much did you grow this year?? Did you smile lots and lots? You better have!!

I hope you got to play lots of good video games and do lots of fun rps! I'm sure we'll still be friends when you read this, so make sure I don't forget to read it too. |D;

Good job this year and next year, V-chan!!

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Nadeline! My internet girlfriend! Let me kiss you~

Okay, okay, enough joking. Man, we've only met, what, a month ago? It feels like forever already. We've been through so much. And honestly, I've loved every second of it, good and bad, because I've been with you. Just, the crap you've helped me through... you've been an amazing friend, and I really hope I've been the same for you sometimes.

I really hope we can hang out a lot in Ads, and Ryoji and Rhyme will still have memes and museboxes. No matter what anyone else said, I like their relationship. And I like you. So I hope you don't mind putting up with me a little longer.

Love you,
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So you managed to hold two jobs at the start of 2013. Here's hoping you still have a job by the end of 2013 or moved to the job that you actually want to do. Here's hoping the end of the world isn't happening by the time you read this too lol.

I know you were thinking it early 2013 and I hope that you were able to get the closure you got and have moved on. Though with how long you've been RPing, it's probably not the last haha. If not, well maybe 2013 wasn't the right time for it. Your family can only support you for so long and hopefully you've reached a point where you can start managing your own income without borrowing.

And get better internet, omg the internet. Here's to 2013, where things will hopefully start going up for us.
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I'm late but...
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There's no way to do this without seeming crazy, is there?

Hello future self. :|
How are you doing with that PCAT prep? Have you given up on that yet? You really shouldn't. Even though we are the type to start everything and never finish anything, you have to do this. You know why? Because we can, and we want to. It's as simple as that. Even if I don't believe in you sometimes, you should know that there are lots of people who do.

I bet your niece and nephew are adorable in the future. Can JR talk yet? I bet Jhazelle is walking too. It must be nice because I can't picture it at all. I wonder if we're still on good terms with grandma? Or even the parents...

Since I'm not the type to think too far into the future I'm glad I'll be able to look at this in a year and laugh at myself.

I'm such a woman, so here is a list future self. Tell me what you've accomplished.

[ ] Aced Organic Chemistry
[ ] Gone 365 days without any additional piercings/tattoos
[ ] Lost AT LEAST 20 lbs
[ ] Looked at this checklist and laughed

We are dumb af.
How was the new Wolverine movie, btw?

PS If you are in Japan teaching English I am smh at you for straying from the plan. :|


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Dear self,

How is 2011's time capsule meme? Aren't you glad that you are still friends with everyone after a year? That's really a great thing tbh. Last year, you told yourself two things: [#1] Graduate on time. [#2] Get a job and pwn in a monetary fashion. It seems like you successfully graduated huh. How's the graduation gifts from Hong Kong? Does the flying kisses from your idols still appear in your head when you are spacing out? I hope you don't look like an idiot when it happens. Ohhh. Let's talk about #2. Well, you got a job. It is not like what you imagined, but you still accepted it anyway. How's the adrenaline rush of typing 2000+ words and synonyms in a day? By this time, can you type 500+ word articles in less than two hours? The big question is... ARE YOU STILL DOING THE SAME JOB? If you are, well, that's very impressive! If not, where are you working right now? Dream company? Dream job? Yes or No? Ahhh~ You typed too much.

I have become the type of person who does not wish for things or have any goal in life. My indecisiveness usually leads to disappointment, but that's just me and my negative thinking. I guess the goal for 2013 is literally staying alive. The hectic schedule is something you cannot avoid if you are one greedy person like Mr. Krabbs. Just endure endure endure endure and you'll be imaginary!rich in no time.

Love, love, love, and peace!
ciara0918 | lovegahora | arioka | satsuki | natsujump | ヒロロヾ(≧∇≦)ゞ | tl;dr
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Hi there, partner-in-crime-when-everyone-in-sk-is-filipino-time AHA!

Thank the universe for my Madam Auring vibes, WE SAW EACH OTHER A COUNTLESS OF TIMES!!! ♥ It's just plain awesome for me because that means I am not! MIA anymoar this year heeee~

Well anyway. Thank you for everything Ciarabells! For your patience in me during SK practices and stuff! I promise to learn steps faster now kajsdhgf please never get tired of teaching me!! ;u;
And not to mention, 2012 is a best year for everyone who went to HK to meet our future husbands! HAHAHAHA! Kamusta si Congressman?! Nanalo ba? HAHAHAHA!!

I hope this 2013, it will be your year! Don't worry too much ok! And if you do, please remember we are always there fo you! Shut the negavibes awaaaaaaaa~y! LET'S BE POSITIVE GENKI ALL THE WAY! orz how do you japanese and english grammer, self.


xoxo, Korichaaan ♪

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To the 22-year-old Miki,

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Dear 2013!Miki,

How are you? Are you still using your laptop (Toshi)? Do you have a stable job now? Do you have your new cabinet for your new books now? Did you accomplished reading 100 books this year? Are you still a fan of showa idols? Did you keep your promise that you will STAY with SMAP? You just celebrated being their fan for 2 years. Have you written and finished more stories than last year? Are they published now or will they be published next year? How about your life this year? Is 2013 a better year than 2012?

As what you said before, a lot of things happened in 2012. I could say that it’s a 50/50 thing. Half good, half bad.

You were able to watch Kouhaku with your online friends even though you’re not together. You were able to watch 2011-2012 Johnny’s countdown too. You said you started the year with a bang and hoped that because you started it fangirling, the year 2012 will be nice to you.

You and your groupmates did your best to finish your thesis. I’m so happy that you defended it smoothly and your group's thesis ended up being a candidate for 'Best Thesis'. Then the best thing that happened in your life in 2012 is you finally graduated. No more school, no more 'feeling-major' minor subjects and terror and boring professors. But I know that deep inside, you miss school, or not really the school itself but your friends. You were able to survive those four years because of them.

You also met a lot of wonderful people in 2012 and lose communication with other people you met last 2011. Maybe it’s because you have different interests now but you know to yourself that you will never forget them, that you will always think about them and 'what went wrong'.

I’m so proud of you because you were able to write and finish three stories (novellas) last year. One of them got published and two were accepted, and maybe, will be published in 2013. (Were you able to see them?) I’m so happy that you finally accomplished something related to your dreams.

Then of course, you were able to fangirl hard on SMAP. I know that you will remember them for making you almost a hikikomori, making you stay up so late and for giving you all the feels in 2012. You cried so hard, you flailed so hard. I wonder why you’re still sane as you write this.

Is Nakai still hosting numerous tv shows? How about Kimura Takuya, did he star in a movie this 2013? Did Inagaki Goro finally imply that he's going to marry Kanno Miho? Do you still have romantic feelings for Kusanagi Tsuyoshi? (Do you feel embarrassed now that you suddenly remembered all your fantasies of him?) and finally, Katori Shingo, is he still your baby, is he still your number 1?

You flailed on your Showa idols too. Do you still love Toshi, Matchy, Yocchan, Go Hiromi, Momoe Yamaguchi (your queen), Nakamori Akina, Matsuda Seiko, Kawai Naoko and Masuda Mia? (Did I forget someone?)

About the other fandoms you have, I know you still haven’t forgotten them. You will always love them, especially Arashi.

Then comes the bad thing:

You spiraled down once again into depression. You contemplated suicide numerous times but I know you don’t want to die. You just want to end the pain. It was so hard for you. As you're writing this now, you’re in the brink of crying because it just hurts inside.

But I’m also so proud to say that you were able to fight off that negative feeling that has been telling you to just end it.

I wish you will continue living. I hope you will finally believe someday that you can be saved, that you can be happy, that depression is not really your home, that you can live the way you wanted to, no matter how hard it is to believe.

I hope when you’re reading all the bad things that happened here, you’re already strong and those things will not affect you and that you are already a happy and a healthy girl and you're able to meet more people and that you're still friends with the people you met in 2011 and 2012.

I love you, no matter how much you hate yourself.

Keep on smiling.

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greetings, hitomi! this is kaede. how's the future ahead looking? bright skies, windy day, anything noteworthy? i hope that other than whatever's occupying you, you've had a good year, and a good day to look forward to! good luck with plans ahead...and things in general! you're cute and take good care of your butt. may the future bid you well!

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It's been a year. Is the weather still really rainy over in the future? Remember that massive swan? It's amazing how it even got there! 2012 is a nice year to look back on, even if it got kind of weird halfway through. It's also kind of cool it was the year of letter-sending, you know. Hopefully, there's still enough time for that! On that note, it'll be really cool if one could direct more attention on work! It's dull, but it's a hurdle that'll definitely be overcome!

Hope there's been more talking! It's fun to watch, but sometimes, there really should be something done about that contact list. Maybe a little more of vocabulary-polishing too, and gotten back into the groove of writing. It's okay to write something basic! The way can be worked up from there.

It'll be cool if one has discovered many more things as time passes by. Possibilities, those kinds of happenings! It's a really long path, and it'll be good if the year's delivered some of them! It'll be a nice start to the next year ahead. Don't put things off for too long!
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Hello you, peace and love and universe.
Dear whoever the fuck you think you are by now and surely are anyway since you can be anything even a freaking UNICORN! \o/

Let's start with the obligatory HAPPY HOLIDAYS! ♥ Hey it's Hannukah btw.

Now, related to last year's ramblings: still didn't save any money; Micka is still playing Warcraft; the blinkies are going awesome; LJ is slowly dying overall; I have a huge writer block; Kanjani is still the best, followed by Doctor Who (AMY AND RORY AREN'T THERE ANYMORE DDD:) and Sherlock (HAVE TO WAIT 'TILL FUCKING WHEN?) aaaaaand The Walking Dead (appeared sometimes along the year, yay~); still in Branne, still the same; JC & Nana are okay and Yaël is such a cute boy who walks and loves cats; Yvette is doing okay with her Breast Cancer; Brigitte, Dylan & Juliette moved in with her.

Third, the yearly review. Holy shit.

∞ Mom started a 6-months leave-me-alone holidays in January, so we worked more. Got back at the City Hall in August.

∞ LOL Shige and his book. KAT-TUN as an anime for a CM. JIIIIIIN is gone but now is married to freaking kickass Meisa and they haz a baby! :D

∞ Alice : Return to Wonderland = taking over your life for a few months.

∞ They closed Megaupload mid-January (but it should re-open soon?)

∞ Sisters & mom creating twitter accounts then forgetting about it. LOL. More babysitting Dylan & Juliette (once for 2 weeks) and MORE fliritng with the cute Japanese guy from the Japanese store. Also, he gave me the HI-CHEW box with Kanjani on it! :|b

∞ "My main goal in life is to be able to get the WI-FI via the wireless mouse USB plug!"


∞ Mid-February : Zombie Apocaypse! (not really, just got into the Walking Dead)

∞ More sciatic troubles.

∞ Yoni's new girlfriendS. Annoying. The current one is gone to Czech Republic for 6 months. /shrugs -- On a side note, this kid is the most unlucky one ever.

∞ Micka & Titi babysitting the grand-mother for weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeks.

∞ Bought new epic headphones! :D Have a rush (and fun) (mostly rush) with Jess for the devilorangel fic thing XD

∞ Bought Vans' camera which means I have a brand new toy since April LOL

∞ THE PASSAGE BY JUSTIN CRONIN. FLAIL NOW. (tell me you've read THE TWELVE by now. really.)

∞ Eight Rangers movie! :D (still need to see it though)

∞ Depression ):

∞ I was blond for a moment :'D Now I haz rock'n'roll hair. *w*)b

∞ So Chloe and her bf are getting maried in June. COUGHCOUGH. BTW, Sarah haz a boyfriend, Dorian. :3

∞ Camping in the south-east. Decided never to go with Nicole ever again lol.

∞ FIRST DIET EVER. Lost about 8kgs in 2 months. NOT ENOUGH.

∞ Alex & Lu = divorce :|

∞ Work in Japan... No comments. TOEFL WORKING. Need to get more money for the exams.

∞ Help Ro² move out and in~


∞ NANOWRIMOOOOOOOOOO~ need to finish the story btw

∞ XBOX 360 \o/


∞ BTW, Lucasfilm bought by Disney lolz.

∞ New girlcrush? Somehow more than that already.

∞ New haircut aka à la Skrillex only with short hair! :'DDD

∞ Sarah is almost at her driving license D:

∞ Planning a TCG with Bao :D

There's not much else to say. Work hard. Even if it takes you a year to get what you want, keep going, don't be afraid. This year you managed to bounce back every time life was being overly distressing and painful, KEEP GOING. You'll have Japan. You'll have your life, the one you've been wanting for the past 7 years or so. And even if you don't have Japan, you'll have England, Ireland, Scotland. Even America, who knows? You can do it. Don't give up, you only have a few years left before being "too old", so go on and fight.

And have fun, too. You only have one life. So say "fuck it" and enjoy~! ;D

That's all, I guess.

With hugs and eito!porn,
~ 2012!M.D.

p.s.: smiling!Hina is still here! \:D/
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Yanie/[personal profile] jadeswallow
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belle / [personal profile] estheims
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Hello hello self,

Wow what a year this has been.
Quick recap: pulled self together in the spring semester and raised GPA significantly, changed major to linguistics, exo debuted (lol), went to toronto and AN and met ada, nicole, and cassidy for the first time, got accepted into u of t!! but then didn't go because of money., went to serbia over the summer, got back and rush applied to study in korea spring of 2013, started school, started group, changed major to fashion after much consideration, went back to toronto to visit ada, nicole, and cassidy, actually made friends via korean club, spent most of the semester studying japanese and chinese, actually knew someone who had a crush on me wow, dealt with drama via t & e, got admitted to study in korea next year!!, finished the semester with pretty good grades, and finally, got to know myself a little better, also met nicole, luna, and emily this year and got closer to ada, cassidy, tristana, and trish.

So, wow. So much happened, in fact this may have been the busiest year of my life. And next year is going to be so much better!! For starters, you'll be in Korea studying fashion--as of now, I cannot even begin to fathom what it'll be like. Of course, a year from now, I'm sure it'll be much different. Right now I'm so curious about how things will go, whether I'll transfer to a fashion school, whether I'll find an internship, put down any roots, become fluent in Korean or maybe Japanese (well maybe that'll take more than a year, but regardless), etc. How exciting!!!

I'm hoping by this time next year you'll have much more confidence in yourself and had the self-discipline to accomplish what you've wanted to. And I hope you've gotten back into some of your hobbies (dancing, drawing) and maybe expanded on some others (guitar). Maybe you'll have accomplished some of the things I've been hoping to. Maybe gotten your work ethic up a little too.

Gosh, this is just such an exciting time. I'm really looking forward to the next year and hopefully this time next year I'll be able to look back and be happy with all that happened! Good luck, self.

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[personal profile] maleficent 2012-12-18 12:59 am (UTC)(link)
I sure do hope that by this time in 2013, you have a house. Preferably the one you're trying to buy right now. Please, for the love of god, don't fuck up your relationship. I swear I will come back from the past and smack you in the face if you do anything stupid. You are 26; act like it.

Also I hope you're still kicking ass at your job because there's no reason not to. You should be almost ready for a damn promotion here, okay. So you'd better be a goddamn baller.

PS, please don't weigh anything more than 175 by this point (unless you're pregnant or something, but please don't be pregnant yet.) Thaaaaaanks.
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arata: (絵 ▪ to be a ghost)

[personal profile] arata 2012-12-21 11:39 am (UTC)(link)

You are an amazing person and I know things may have been up-and-down this year. I know you are strong and can get through anything. Remember that you are smart, witty, cute and deserve all the best for 2013 and beyond. I hope your family gets a little better as you grow and that you can gradually make the decisions you want most in your life. Be true to yourself and you will go so far.

Jean ( ̄▽ ̄)
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[personal profile] bisharp 2012-12-21 08:11 am (UTC)(link)
hi self!! well first i hope you keep your flawless usernames kekeke n__n

i also hope you've had a great third semester in college. not like i know anything since this is from the past but - it'll be better, i hope.

are you still in your life of singledom? i mean currently i'm not too fond of it but maybe you've become okay with it now. and if you're not single right now, great! i mean i hope the guy is a good guy and he is goddamn lucky because you are a fine piece of ass okay. hahahaha. but anyways yeah um romantic relationships can be overrated sometimes but i just hope you're happy with where you are right now!! ♥♥

i hope you still have a job! if it's still at the library or what. and that you're still alive ofc and um that either you've made new friends or that you've kept your old ones close. or both, both is good.

do you still like one direction? still in kpop? maybe you've started gravitating towards exo fandom now!! currently i'm scared of it but i hope self that you'll get into exo like, sometime or something. a lot of your friends are in exo fandom though so it's a good way to get closer!! i just hope you still appreciate one direction and all of your old fandoms, especially your chilldhood + cartoon fandoms bc remember there is nothing you can't ship, can't love even when you're 18--well 19 then, wow!!!!


in terms of writing, um. write when you're comfortable!! and stop signing up for every goddamn thing, okay. i won't be disappointed in you if you write only like, three stories in 2013 lol (although wow man but.) i mean, whether you've worked on wips/chaptered fic or not, although you've had some ideas brewing around in your mind so, y'know, would be useful if you actually at least started on them lmao. but don't worry about writing!!! it's not about numbers. it's about comfort and writing is a thing you do to destress yourself, not stress yourself. so don't worry.

ship what you ship, bias what you bias, and move along :)))) MAYBE YOU'LL BECOME FAMOUS ONE DAY LMAO but just know that i'm proud of you wherever you go!! kekeke ♥

yourself :)
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[personal profile] kordella 2012-12-21 09:32 am (UTC)(link)
dear 2013 self,

i bet you're procrastinating something right now, right. well so am i so ig i'm not allowed to say anything BUT YOU WILL REGRET IT. like how i am regretting it, ahahahaha u__u it's okay, you'll be fine, you always manage.

i hope you have made more friends and are less shy now that you're a sophomore in college, and that you've learned to prioritize. are you still an english major? have you found anything else that has piqued your interest? if not, you better start figuring out what you'll do with an english degree now!!

read more books. write more. talk to people. STOP SPENDING SO MUCH MONEY unless you're buying a mac (or maybe a windows 8 laptop, 2012 jannah hasn't decided which one she likes yet).

i hope life is treating you well and that you're not taking anything too seriously. you're probably still in fandom, right? hopefully you're still talking to the friends you have now, and you've made new friends as well!

don't be so down on yourself and don't be so critical of every little thing you do, it's not good! it's okay to be imperfect. stop comparing yourself to other people.

ANYWAY THIS HAS GOTTEN STRANGELY SERIOUS it's 1am ahahaha okay, i'll stop now.

2012 jannah

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outstretched: (STOCK ♥ [people] You'll take to the sky)

[personal profile] outstretched 2012-12-22 10:18 am (UTC)(link)
Hey you,

By this time next year, you'll be in the Real World! CONGRATULATIONS ON GRADUATING!!! It goes without saying that by now you are a registered nurse who has passed the board exam! I hope you've made progress on at least one of these things:

-taking the mcat and applying to medical school!
-in a nurse practitioner program, or at least looking at them!
-looking at the air force or a va hospital!
-not in New York??? Or at least still gunning that way? That would be way cool!

I so dearly hope that you are less lonely and that living in NYC will help you be closer to friends whom you can chill with!

You will be almost to the five year mark with the boyfriend at this point, I do hope that's going so much better, this year was important and I hope next year goes more smoothly. I hope next year goes more smoothly in every way! It's an odd year, you should be pretty all right.

Here are some other non-job things that you should think about doing!
-travel!!! Take a plane out of state and ROCK OUT!
-writing!!! Maybe start to try to actually do something with it? Publishing etc.?
-cooking!!! Get better at making delicious meals! Don't use loneiness as an excuse! When you are in the real world you will have to eat somehow! Find people to feed if you have to, bb!

This year was totally awful, as you might remember! Everything went wrong with family and relationships and friendships and fandom and all! The only thing that went pretty all right was school and even that totally wrecked you! Remember how you can't remember most of the first half of 2012 because junior year? Yeah, I don't either! I hope you're still friends with those whom you should truly cherish, and I hope you've started to maybe consider being brave enough to weed out those you don't. Just a thought!

I will be very disappointed in you if pokemon doesn't still hold a large part of your heart, because HOW COULD YOU QUIT GREEN? Besides that, Super Junior and k-pop has mostly faded from your life this year, and Homestuck replaced it, I suppose. You got into Madoka and a few other shows, like Kids on the Slope. I wonder what fandoms you'll get into in 2013??

This is full of exclamation points, hot damn. Well, I have such high hopes for next year, and I hope you're on your way, bb! Onwards and upwards for 2013!!

Sonata :)
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casualty: (hs ➜ hey LISTEN)

[personal profile] casualty 2012-12-24 12:16 am (UTC)(link)
gidge: (scout)

[personal profile] gidge 2013-01-01 03:42 am (UTC)(link)

you are quite possibly the best friend i have ever had. i'm so thankful to have you be a part of my life. may next year have more awesome times, original timeline trek superiority, being badass at being adults, and less men who look like angry shaved cats and just jerkwads in general.
barda: (Default)

[personal profile] barda 2012-12-24 07:59 pm (UTC)(link)

So, things happened! You had your first job, but then you got fired. You got to go to Otakon again after a billion years. Your grandma died. A lot of things happened, both good and bad, and with the upcoming year even more things will shape you! I truly hope that it's for the better, which isn't surprising considering that I'm... you...

Hmmm, I know that things are feeling very stagnant right now. My life is kind of the opposite of extraordinary, I know, and I haven't actually done anything that's worth much praise. But I hope that you, when you read this, have done so many things that you're proud of! Climb all the mountains! Travel! Learn how to not drown! I know that you can do magnificent things someday, and hopefully that day will have already passed for you.

I hope that all the stuff I'm conflicted about atm have been settled, although I'm sure a new pile of ~stuff~ will have sprung up out of the ground afterward. But don't worry, you can get through anything! You're great.

I love you, Francia! xoxo smiley face

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[personal profile] adoricrack 2012-12-24 08:25 pm (UTC)(link)
Tails → [ profile] adoricrack

[personal profile] adoricrack 2012-12-24 08:27 pm (UTC)(link)
hello, me.

looks like i was right back in 2011 saying that things will get better, huh? the whole home situation definitely gotten better this year and there's a lot of money coming in. -- well supposedly. WE WON'T KNOW UNTIL 2013. and look! even got the car of our dreams even though it's being a pain in the butt. i wonder in 2013 will it still be there.

still working at the movie theater? and see, kim ended up being a kick ass boss, too! but are we still working at it in 2013?

also, did you visit anyone? by the time you read this again, i really hope so. the trip(s) are pretty important, you know. i'll be pretty disappointed if none of them fell through. but dennis is going to help out so i think at least ONE of them will be official.

just remember to keep looking on the bright side of things and smile. because THINGS DO GET BETTER. 2012 IS PROOF OF THAT! short and sweet and to the point this go round. 2013 BETTER BE A FUCKING BLAST.


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kariya: (Default)

[personal profile] kariya 2012-12-30 03:55 am (UTC)(link)
hey self you were like really unhealthy last year jesus christ get ur act together
are you still eating every 2-3 hours because you probably should be

hopefully college-level (holy hell you're in college) japanese classes aren't like completely kicking your ass because you need to keep working toward teaching in japan!!!! or you know if you decided to be an interpreter then that too. become the Nihongo Master.

also hopefully your depression is settling out some and you and your health are doing well in general

i hope your relationship is going strong too??!?!??

later loser

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cure: (hermione ♥ a fierce one.)

[personal profile] cure 2012-12-30 10:19 am (UTC)(link)
cure / hydrogens
cure: (blair ♥ prettiest girl.)

[personal profile] cure 2012-12-30 10:36 am (UTC)(link)
Dear Deki,

another year in Freiburg has hopefully passed and you are (almost) 22 now. I hope you still are in love with your best friend. Plus, of course you should be happy with the things you do. And healthy. Two of the most important things in life. Always appreciate what you have because not everybody is so lucky.

Lots of love,


hello, 2013

[identity profile] 2012-12-30 04:31 pm (UTC)(link)
2013 is at the doorstep, and it's time to say goodbye to familiarity.

First q: Are you still laughing at this ( video? If you don't find it funny anymore, I don't want to be you anymore...Have you lost your sense of humor :'(


Next year....... new school, new people. As i'm typing this, the Asyikin of 2012 has no idea where she'll be going. Not even a clue. Isn't it scary how the world awaits you, how God has your life planned out to a T, and yet you have no idea what will happen? I guess all we have to do is, like how someone told me, "let go and let God". I haven't been the most religious girl, but I know He has only good things for me and i will trust Him. Speaking of trust...Asyikin, learn to trust others more. Trust the right people more, mansy.

Mansy. Don't you miss people calling you that? Make new friends (TRY YOUR BEST!!!), but don't forget the old - the people who called you Iks, Ikan, Mansy and all those weird ass names you respond to. You've always been shitty about keeping in contact, so work on that. Don't lose them.

Also, study hard. If you think you've studied hard, study harder. You know it will be worth it! You don't wanna slog your butt off in 2014. You know you're seriously seriously not the brightest gem in the ocean, but you can be the hardest one, the toughest one!! Remember what Z said? "You're a trooper." Don't let him down.

OH AND I've given up on trying to tell you to give up fandom, because it is such an integral part of you (almost as if you can't function without it....remember when your internet broke down? YOU. WERE. A. MESS.), but remember your priorities, okay? Be a good girl. Or try your best.

And this about falling in love? Like real, actual love. Have a 첫사랑/남친!!! No, Park Sihoo on 720p does not constitute as a boyfriend. Neither does Shinhwa. WHY DO YOU EVEN LIKE MEN ABOVE THIRTY YOU ARE SIXTEEN!!!!

Love often, laugh easily, and lose some weight!!! And lastly, always remember this:

No matter what, you. will. be. fine. <3

All my love,
2012 Asyikin

Re: hello, 2013

[identity profile] 2012-12-30 05:25 pm (UTC)(link)
Dear Ikin,

How long has it been since I last saw you! Well, I miss your cute self and let's hope we get to meet soon. You're a brilliant (not lying) person and I swear sometimes I wish I could just be just a bit like you, heh. :)

I bet you'll do great and get into your dream course/school, all the best!


Re: hello, 2013

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